Logistic Provider | Doca Brasil

Logistic Provider

We are a hub of international and national logistics solutions, providing advisory services to companies in this market segment, including support and market development and Door-to-Door services. With a high level of knowledge in international logistics processes, market research, Technology and Own Methodology for Partner Approval, we offer safe and reliable solutions for all needs.

Authorized Partners

Doca Brasil generates value for the entire chain by participating in international trade processes. Our partners are verified and authorized and have the highest level of quality required by our domestic and international clients.

  • Cargo Agents
  • Customs Clearance
  • Value Transport Companies
  • Logistics Transport Companies
  • Air Transport Companies
  • Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Market Prospecting Team
  • Foreign Trade Analyst

Our Executive Team

Ulisses Furtado

Administrative / Commercial

Specialist in design and market development, founder of technology companies in retail administration software, payment solution, e-commerce, financial market and international logistics processes.

Roberto Lima

Systems Design

Businessman of the Technology Market, he works in the Software Market working on the development of Saas Systems for the Retail Market, Dedicated Systems, Web Development, Corporate Applications and Mobile Games.

Dario Pereira


Entrepreneur, professor and process manager, he works as a consultant in the Foreign Trade and Intermodal Logistics segment, as well as operations management, business processes and linguistic consulting.